GPA has partnered with the leaders in On-Line Education

The course is no longer the container, “teaching space” is not a physical place and “personal” does not mean IN PERSON. That is why GPA has partnered with both public and private online schools to provide “options” in your child’s education.

GPA education believes that the learning experience is unique to each student, that the "production line" system of mass education limits an individual's potential, by failing to recognize each student's unique gifts. The Global Performance Academy believes it is our responsibility to develop competent, self-motivated and self-confident independent learners. Leadership skills are dependent upon knowledge and it is not our task to tell our students what to think; but instead, to teach them how to investigate, evaluate and draw their own conclusions through the development of cognitive skills

GPA provides a you the option of either a public or private online school to students K-12, with a teacher in the classroom to keep students focused on daily tasks. GPA brings flexibility to hectic training schedules and a strong emphasis on a 1:1 student to teacher relationship. Our goal is to provide a "blended education" and find the perfect balance of high level courses, including opportunity for Honors and Advanced Placement courses, without sacrificing grade point average. We strive to set our students on a path to success in college, both academically and athletically.

Our goal is simple – Provide World Class Education and World Class Athletic Training for those students that are serious about taking their game to the next level. Our team will help them on their journey including helping students create college lists, writing letters of recommendation, financial aid information, NCAA eligibility requirements and overall career planning.

Through this rigorous and engaging curriculum, a GPA student’s natural curiosity is transformed into a solid understanding. In much the same way physical skills are taught, practiced, and applied to athletics; academic content is customized, delivered, and tested in the classrooms of the Global Performance Academy.

GPA is committed to providing the strong foundation for all our students; helping them to achieve success, inside and outside, of the classroom.